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TPS7 Deleted Session November 24, 1983 thanksgiving gail turkey worrying thankful
TPS1 Session 479 (Deleted) April 30, 1969 parking halliday landlord bully sell
TPS7 Deleted Session October 15, 1982 pills arousal distance legs vitamins
TES7 Session 326 March 15, 1967 projections levitations easiest occultists remember
TPS6 Deleted Session January 27, 1982 cottage paul desirable explore neill
TPS2 Deleted Session February 26, 1972 repressed feelings release concentrate ambiguous
TECS2 ESP Class Session, December 8, 1970 florence puritan absorb umbrella bawl
TES6 Session 270 June 22, 1966 oriented nightmare survival ego catherine
TES8 Session 346 June 14, 1967 overproduction peanut symptoms apricot sun
TPS1 Deleted Session February 11, 1971 negative railings ritual symptoms habitual

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