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DEaVF1 A Poem and Commentary by Jane Roberts dawn attend saves dusk delays
TPS5 Deleted Session December 6, 1978 tooth teeth views personalized aspirations
TPS5 Deleted Session November 21, 1979 account savings rewards interest withdraw
TPS3 Session 758 (Deleted Portion) October 6, 1975 gums raincoat symbiosis circulation cooperative
TPS4 Deleted Session January 9, 1978 christ thy crucified thesis condemnation
WTH Chapter 2: February 7, 1984 nail approval sill temperature window
TPS6 Jane’s Silver Dream Fragment February 14, 1981 silver serviceable silverware sterling caring
UR1 Section 3: Session 704 June 17, 1974 oracle physician disease psyche predict
NoME Chapter 9: Session 866, July 18, 1979 cancer norm autistic gifted host
NoME Chapter 10: Session 868, July 25, 1979 competition practicing ideal idealist unworthy

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