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Results 1 to 10 of 19 for (stemmed:rob AND stemmed:pendulum)

TPS5 Deleted Session April 16, 1979 taxes joyce bill conventional pendulum
TES6 Session 264 June 1, 1966 shack surgeon trails robs awakening
TES7 February 2, 1967 Dream: Third Sequence untermeyer girl dramatically poetry brown
TPS2 Deleted Session August 27, 1973 kiss depresses hug suggestions love
TES8 Session 403 March 16, 1968 pat reed dick image rob
TPS4 Deleted Session May 15, 1978 truth timeless examine quandary distractions
TES3 Session 104 November 4, 1964 jimmy warning sale dump controls
TPS4 Deleted Session May 31, 1978 edifice walking steal security millionaire
TPS4 Deleted Session May 10, 1978 inspired impulses guests decide responding
TES7 Session 281 August 29, 1966 barbara andreano dick wedding poem

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